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Peter's Poofect Pet Book Cover - Children's Author Tina Powell
Peter's Poofect Pet
Peter's Poofect Pet

Peter's Poofect Pet

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Peter wants a pet more than anything in the world. But Peter’s parents have a list—a list of reasons why they don’t want a pet in the house.

Their prime reason? Pets poo!

Poo is stinky. Poo is messy. Poo will just not do.

In this hilarious story about pets, parents, and poo, Peter knows just what to do!

Peter’s Poofect Pet is suitable for children ages 6 to 8.

“Funny and down-to-earth with engaging illustrations and a smooth-reading, rhythmic text. Plenty of Poo-appeal!!”

— Sarah Watts, Librarian

32-page, full-colour, hardcover.

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