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Samantha's Sillyicious Sandwiches Kid's Book Cover by Tina Powell
Samantha's Silly-icious Sandwiches
Samantha's Silly-icious Sandwiches

Samantha's Silly-icious Sandwiches

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Samantha is sick of eating the same old, boring sandwiches for lunch. All the other kids have lunches that are fun. All the other kids have lunches that are exciting. Samantha takes matters into her own hands—and the results are silly-icious. This story encourages sharing, self-reliance, and a fun approach to nutrition.

Samantha’s Silly-icious Sandwiches is suitable for children ages 6 to 8.

"Essentially, this wonderful story highlights the joys of creativity in any arena (even lunch), and spotlights a Protagonist who works toward solving her own problems rather than relying on others to solve them for her.”
— Kids Around

32-page, full-colour, hardcover.

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